We help up-and-coming musicians reach the masses.

Image taken from Unsplash.

Are you a music lover who’s been to countless live shows? How about an up-and-coming artist who wants to get their name out there?

Well, either way, you’ve come to the right place.

Upswing is a music discovery platform that connects live music fans to their new favorite artists, and our mission is to help up-and-coming musicians get the recognition they deserve. With the music industry taking a huge hit in the wake of COVID-19, we will be featuring artists here on Medium as well as on our Instagram and website. Whether you’re looking to discover new musicians from your hometown or somewhere new, Upswing allows you to discover and review artists by genre as well as show you where they’re playing.

We know it’s just as hard for the fans at home who can no longer go to the shows they love. That’s why we want to be a helping hand in a lot of great things that are already happening online. More than ever, musicians are utilizing streaming services like Instagram Live, YouTube and Twitch to stay engaged with their fans. There have even been virtual music festivals like Digital Mirage that have over $300,000 for Sweet Relief Musicians Fund.

We have some great interviews lined up that we hope you’ll enjoy too!

About the Founder

Upswing was founded by Marla Milano. Marla is a marketing specialist who initially recognized the power of social media when she moved to Chicago in 2012. She utilized music-centric Facebook groups to build relationships before moving from Cleveland when she was just 19 years old.

During her time in Chicago, Marla received both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from DePaul University and is involved in local organizations such as 1871 and Creative Women’s Co. She also spent some time in Los Angeles where she assisted in entertainment marketing initiatives for companies like Electric Family and Ride or Cry. And yes, she still talks to the people she met in that Facebook group to this day.